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Caviar Daytona iPhone 14 Pro
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Caviar Daytona iPhone 14 Pro


The world of luxury mobile device protection just reached a new level with the Caviar Daytona, an innovative iPhone 14 Pro case from the exclusive accessory maker, Caviar.

This exquisite limited edition case is truly one-of-a-kind, combining the vintage look and feel of a luxurious mechanical chronograph Rolex Daytona with the cutting-edge technology of Apple's newest flagship phone. The stainless steel case combines analog and digital elements by incorporating three decorative gauges and three toggle switches with a classically sleek Rolex Daytona timepiece. Inspired by racing cars - just like its namesake - this eye-catching design offers more than just appearance; it also provides a sturdy layer of protection for your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This bespoke device embraces both modern and traditional aesthetics to create an unparalleled masterpiece for those who want the ultimate luxury mobile phone protection. The craftsmanship of the Case is impeccable, and you can be sure that nobody else on the block will have anything quite like it - making it truly unique and special.

From its smooth, elegant lines to its bold yet sophisticated air vents and rivets, the Caviar Daytona is sure to attract attention everywhere you go. Whether you're looking for something to show off at business meetings or adding a little extra style to your daily life, this incredible piece of equipment won't disappoint. Add in its luxurious leather packaging, and you have yourself a spectacularly stylish and desirable item guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

For those who are serious about maintaining their devices in top condition while keeping up appearances – both figuratively speaking as well as literally – there really is a no better option than the astonishingly handsome Caviar Daytona for iPhone 14 Pro Max owners.

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CAVIAR / $134,250
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