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Apple First Flagship Store in India
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Apple First Flagship Store in India


A momentous occasion has arrived for Apple as they unveil their pioneering flagship store in India. Situated in the heart of Mumbai's luxurious Bandra Kurla Complex, the store graces a prominent corner of the esteemed Jio World Drive retail district. Responsible for crafting several of Apple's exquisite stores worldwide, including those in London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, and Thailand, the renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners helmed this ambitious endeavor.

Stefan Behling, the Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, enthusiastically shared his delight about the collaboration, saying, "Apple BKC epitomizes Mumbai's creative spirit. Meticulously crafted elements, indigenous materials, and verdant flora intermingle, engaging the senses and elevating the spirit."

Upon entering, visitors encounter an expansive 8-meter-tall glass facade, harmoniously blending the store's interior and exterior by intertwining a row of ficus trees. Meandering through the ground floor, guests discover Apple's signature display tables and avenues, an open event space adorned with a colossal video wall, and a feature wall swathed in white acoustic fabric. The surrounding walls, imbued with the silky texture of Rajasthan-sourced georgette fabrics, add a touch of elegance.

A fusion of stainless steel and glass forms the staircase, guiding visitors to the cantilevered mezzanine above. A clear view of the floor below and the landscaped outdoor spaces is unveiled here. The store's crowning glory is its artisanal timber ceilings comprising 450,000 individual wooden components that mirror the store's geometric design. Each of the 1,000 tiles is meticulously crafted from 400 oak pieces, woven in a lattice pattern reminiscent of Mumbai's skilled cane and rattan weavers. Conscious of the environment, Apple's BKC store is LEED platinum certified and powered by dedicated solar panels.

India's recent ascension to the world's most populous country, surpassing China, signals the immense potential of this burgeoning market. Consequently, Apple's flagship store inauguration is a crucial milestone in its expansion strategy.

In summary, Apple's first flagship store in India, nestled within Mumbai's prestigious Bandra Kurla Complex, is an extraordinary fusion of creativity and sustainability. Collaborating with the respected architects from Foster + Partners, the store presents unique elements like the impressive glass front, the intricate wood ceilings, and the eco-friendly LEED platinum certification. This critical event highlights a key move in Apple's expansion plan as they work to strengthen their presence in the globe's most populated nation.

Apple First Flagship Store in India
Apple First Flagship Store in India
Apple First Flagship Store in India
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Designed by foster + partners.
Foster + Partners
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