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Ford F-150 Raptor-R Truck Concept
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Ford F-150 Raptor-R Truck Concept


Ash Thorp's latest concept for the Make Haste Corp series, the Ford Raptor-based Baja pre-runner, has gained plenty of attention in the automotive world. Taking on the iconic Bronco R as its inspiration, Thorp has transformed one of America's favorite off-roaders into a stunning piece of machinery that balances modern performance with rugged good looks.

The heart of the pre-runner is a tube frame chassis that is equipped with an integrated roll cage and composite bodywork. Aggressive fender flares are installed to make room for oversized all-terrain tires and fully adjustable lifted front and rear independent suspension. Skid plates are added to protect the vital engine, and drivetrain components should the terrain become too rough, and a massive multi-element LED lightbar is perfect for night racing. A side-exit exhaust adds even more character to this already impressive build, with tiny O2 sensors rooted into place just before the baffles — definitely showcasing Thorp's incredible attention to detail.

This new concept from Ash Thorp gives drivers a glimpse into what could be possible when combining modern luxuries with old-school dependability. It boasts all of the power necessary for conquering any terrain while still providing an aesthetically pleasing design — definitely making it one of Thorp's most daring creations yet. With its powerful engine, strong chassis frame, and intimidating exterior, this pre-runner could leave many competitors in its dust.

Ford F-150 Raptor-R Truck Concept
Ford F-150 Raptor-R Truck Concept
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Ash Thorp
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