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Onewheel GT Electric BoardInfinity Masculine TV

The Onewheel GT electric board is the latest and greatest single-tread electric mobility solution. The Hypercore 750w hub motor produces three horsepo

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Silent-Yachts Silent 60 Solar Electric CatamaranInfinity Masculine TV

The revolutionary new way to cruise clean and efficiently, with no noise pollution, the Silent-Yachts Silent 60 Solar Electric Catamaran is the Tesla

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XPeng HT Aero Flying CarInfinity Masculine TV

XPeng's HT Aero Flying Car unveiled a flying car concept at its 1024 Tech Day. The Aero futuristic car uses an ultra-futuristic design that resembles

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Bury Design Inception 24 Concept YachtInfinity Masculine TV

The Bury Design Inception 24 Concept Yacht is a groundbreaking concept yacht by the Australian firm Bury Design. This 79-foot beauty redefines what a

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Tesla Cyberquad for KidsInfinity Masculine TV

Now, Elon Musk is not making toys for adults but also for kids. Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is a mini electric ATV designed for children eight years and

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CrownCruiser E-Bike Infinity Masculine TV

You can have your racing-inspired e-bike of choice with a twist. The CrownCruiser offers up to 100 miles and max speeds around 31mph for those who wan

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Seven Seas Hermes Speedster EInfinity Masculine TV

Inspired by the Porsche classic 356 convertibles, with a retro-styled boat, the Seven Seas Hermes Speedster E is a fully electric

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Lazzarini Pagurus Yacht Infinity Masculine TV

The ability to hybridize both sea and land of the Lazzarini Pagurus Yacht has a significant impact on handling and owning

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Castagnola Heritage 9.9 YachtInfinity Masculine TV

Works as a short-range boat and a large vessel, the Castagnola Heritage 9.9 Yacht offers the best elegant solution. Equinox design

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The Limited-Edition Extans Akhal Shadow BikeInfinity Masculine TV

The Akhal-Teke black coat stallion is one of the outstanding purebred horses known for its beauty, intellect, and abilities.

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