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Conquest Knight XV is the most luxury SUV
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Conquest Knight XV is the most luxury SUV


Conquest Knight XV is The future of the super-luxury armored SUV. As one of a kind military-inspired and with the significant security features - you'll get the next thing!

Because it's visionary design, the KNIGHT XV has V10, 6.8 liters with Bio-fuel. This 8.8 tones beast is using top-grade armoring materials from the ground up. In other words: this military machine has an armor-shield that can protect you from an RPG. For the ones who love privacy, there is a wide range of camera everywhere.

Luxury, and more

Therefore, it is a Masculine Luxury Tank that its pleasure takes from you: $799,950. A pocket change. According to Conquest Vehicles, the production of the KNIGHT XV has limited to 100 luxurious Tanks, so if your not buying now, so when? Let's talk a little bit of the features that KNIGHT XV has to offer. It's six passengers leather seating has been hand-crafted by Andrew Muirhead. Besides its leather, it has luxury wool carpeting and an extended spacious interior. The multimedia and navigation system is Alpine, so you're covered. The rear dual screen console has remote control inputs. And of course, mounted laptop station next to the rear seats.

For conclusion

The Knight XV is considered the most luxury Tank Vehicle that ever manufactured. It holds more luxury than all the other competitors. And besides that, it has what it takes when it concerns performance, parts, and technology. The materials inside are top graded and chosen very carefully. If someone in Dubai purchase that Knight XV, he be more clearly knows that he have something that luxury and enormous power has combined. At this point, we all have to thank William Maizlin, the designers and all the engineer for giving us this fantastic monster for us, man! We believe the driven experience is the core of our DNA was writing within.

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Conquest Vehicles
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