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Mercedes-Benz Electric G-Class Concept
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Mercedes-Benz Electric G-Class Concept


Mercedes-Benz has been demonstrating its commitment to electrification with a series of impressive vehicles – the ultra-luxurious EQS sedan, as well as the 831-HP AMG GT 63 S E Performance. With that in mind, Mercedes Benz has unveiled a concept vehicle for what their future electric G-Wagen may look like.

The conceptual electric G-Wagen maintains the recognizable silhouette of its predecessor, but it has a far more futuristic appearance. Modern LED accents are visible from the exterior, and an eye-catching 3D star logo lights up the grille of this cutting-edge ride. There is even a lockable box near the spare tire which contains a charging cable – both practical and stylish. Despite its urban status symbol persona, the G-Wagen is surprisingly capable off-road as well. The concept model features four individually controllable electric motors, one at each wheel, giving drivers ultimate control over their performance on different terrain.

With its ladder frame chassis and integrated batteries providing stability and balance, you can bet that this powerful electric car will be ready to tackle all sorts of landscapes with ease. In fact, Mercedes is calling Concept EQG a “near production study,” so what we’ve seen here is likely going to be very close to what hits car showrooms in the coming years.

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