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Marc Phillip Gemballa Marisen 911 Safari
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Marc Phillip Gemballa Marisen 911 Safari


After much anticipation, Marc Phillip Gemballa, the son of renowned Porsche Tuner Uwe Gemballa, has finally unveiled the Marisen 911 Safari. The stunning supercar pays homage to the legendary Porsche 959 but with modern features and performance fit for a new era.

Fitted with a 992 Turbo S engine, the Marisen packs an incredible 740 horsepower (over 800 with optional upgrades). Akrapovič has even designed a titanium exhaust specifically for this model. With its impressive powertrain, the Marisen is designed to tackle both street driving and off-road terrain. KW Automotive crafted a dual-mode suspension equipped with active dampers and new front wishbones that can raise ground clearance up to 9.8 inches for maximum traction in every environment.

The exterior of the Marisen offers more than just looks - carbon fiber bodywork provides extreme strength and durability while keeping weight down and enhancing performance. Just 40 lucky drivers will get their hands on these sleek sports cars; amazingly, half of those units have already been reserved. The Marc Phillip Gemballa Marisen 911 Safari represents an ambitious blend of classic styling with cutting-edge features, perfect for thrill seekers that demand exquisite craftsmanship, thrilling speed, and spectacular style.

From its imposing yet attractive design to its versatile capabilities on all terrains – this remarkable marque exudes sophistication, power, and sheer magnetic charisma.

Marc Phillip Gemballa Marisen 911 Safari
Marc Phillip Gemballa Marisen 911 Safari
Marc Phillip Gemballa Marisen 911 Safari
Marc Phillip Gemballa Marisen 911 Safari
Marc Phillip Gemballa Marisen 911 Safari
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Marc Phillip Gemballa
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