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Stranger Things The Upside Down LEGO
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Stranger Things The Upside Down LEGO

Stranger Things The Upside Down LEGO is something that the fans can love for their collection. The NETFLIX Original series has become a hit around the world right from the beginning. It is a NETFLIX Original series, with the fantastic storyline and characters gives the fans something that never been for a long time. LEGO have been paying very much attention to all the small details.

The Upsidedown version is related to the other dimension in the series. The upper LEGO is what exists in the real world, and the bottom LEGO is what happens in a different dimension. Will's house has got precisely looks like the series. Will's bedroom, living room, the eight known figures, and Chief Jim Hopper’s police truck. You even got the Demogorgon figure. So it can be fun not just too stuck it in the Upside Down dimension - but in the real world. Each character has its accessories and the same clothes. The Collectibles edition comes with 2,200 pieces in 11 different bags. However, for those who addicted of playing Dungeons & Dragons, and especially love the 80's, it will be the perfect experience for fans, collectors, and those who miss the good old time back in the '80s.

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