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The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock
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The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock


Through his book The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock, Edward White reveals the multifaceted nature of the man behind the Hitchcock phenomenon: a master filmmaker who can only be described as enigmatic, daring, ambitious, inventive, calculating, revolutionary, intriguing, elusive, daringly original and uniquely influential.

White explores every angle of Hitchcock's life and works to reveal the complexity of the figure – everything from "The Boy Who Couldn't Grow Up" to "The Man Of God." He traces his journey from his earliest works in England all the way up to his most notable projects and describes how each aspect of this remarkable career contributed to creating one of cinema's great legends. In addition to providing insightful new interpretations of Hitchcock's oeuvre, White also examines Hitchcock's thoughts on gender and analyzes his intricate relationships with actors such as Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. Above all else, however, White shines a light on the boundless devotion that Hitchcock had for his spouse Alma Reville who is credited with helping him finalize some of his greatest works while also cultivating the legend surrounding her husband.

What ultimately emerges from The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock is an invaluable portrait of one of Hollywood's greatest creators. Through White's interpretation, we gain a deeper insight into what made this man so extraordinary; how he revolutionized filmmaking; and why - even after more than half a century - he is more relevant today than ever before.

Despite being part of a medium that often carries with it connotations about merely entertaining audiences superficially through shock value or spectacle alone - Alfred Hitchcock transcended limitations that no other director has been able to match since then by pushing boundaries artistically while still managing to capture large audiences through its unparalleled artistry.

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