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GoChess AI-powered Chess Board
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GoChess AI-powered Chess Board


Whether you have just started playing chess or are an experienced player seeking more complicated challenges, GoChess is the perfect fit to prepare for extraordinary gameplay with this cutting-edge AI-powered chess board designed to act simultaneously as your coach and rival. This innovative tool takes the challenge out of improving one's chess skill with its remarkable feature of adapting itself according to the player's abilities through an automated piece-handling mechanism.

By playing a game of chess strategically against GoChess, its ability to learn from and evaluate your capabilities is constantly improved, providing a balance of entertaining gameplay and opportunities for skill development. Color-coded and intuitive coaching lights adorn this board to guide any match. This intelligent system encourages gameplay and provides important real-time feedback, which helps beginners become professionals smoothly.

GoChess AI-powered Chess Board

GoChess offers additional unique features, such as the ability to challenge anyone regardless of location, thanks to GoChess' ability to bridge geographical gaps. The chess board is designed with advanced technology, such as integrated magnetic sensors, which make it possible for you to keep track of every move your opponent makes - almost like having them there with you. Playing chess remotely can now be captivating and feasible thanks to this innovative feature.

GoChess plans to provide a high-tech chess playing and coaching experience globally from May 2024 onwards by raising funds at their current stage and transforming the world of chess gaming for good. By offering its users a constant stream of challenges paired with real-time tips and remote match options, GoChess aims to change how you play and enjoy chess.

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