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Dubai Marble and Bronze Skyline Chess
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Dubai Marble and Bronze Skyline Chess


Founded by two London-based architects, it is the perfect way to combine impeccable design with a fun and engaging game. The Dubai Marble and Bronze Skyline Chess were showcased at Downtown Dubai Design Week 2018, with each chess piece inspired by a different iconic architectural landmark in the city.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's House serves as a humble pawn, while The Cayan Tower makes for an incredibly elegant rook. Meanwhile, Jumeirah Emirates Towers steps in as a knight, and Rose Rotana is a beautiful bishop. As for the queen, that prize goes to Princess Tower; and lastly, the Burj Khalifa's towering stature graces the board as king. To create these pieces, Skyline Chess uses a foundry in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham to craft bronze sets that are intricately detailed. This process combines traditional lost wax casting techniques, which date back some 6,000 years old, with 3D printing technology - truly fitting for such majestic works of art! Additionally available are the Premium Metal Edition, Gold-plated Edition, and the Premium Metal Special Edition, giving you no shortage of enchanting options.

In short, Skyline Chess brings together exquisite design with timelessness through their brilliantly crafted sets. By combining classic gamesmanship with opulent materials, these games make for charming conversation pieces as well as unique gifting options - all while paying homage to some truly stunning architecture from around the world.

Photos Credit: 
Mr. Porter
Skyline Chess
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