Theory11 James Bond 007 Playing Cards

Some people play cards, some people using cards, and even as a collectible item, but they do both. The Theory11 James Bond 007 Playing Cards can enter that area when possessing both collectible and high-quality cards pack. The iconic 007 inspired playing cards gives

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The Shining Escape Room Board Game

Unfortunately, not just for those in quarantine, but also on weekends and want to bring the escape room to their living room. The Shining Escape Room Board Game is a refreshing game that leaves a taste for more. Moreover, the classic Escape Room game sets the fictional

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Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition

Unlike the known version, Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is made for adults and kids to enjoy the cleverness the game has to offer. The game is extra fun for the family time currently most of us experience during the pandemic. The game is simple: every round

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Atari Mini Pong Jr. Arcade Game

The new announcement:Atari Mini Pong Jr. Arcade Game is a portable version of the classic game that we all grew up from back in the 80s. The collaboration with Arcade1Up and UNIS unveiled an exclusive retro arcade that fits our daily tech with a sleek and lightweight

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Monopoly Dragon Ball Super

After numerous versions of the iconic board game, Hasbro creates a Monopoly Dragon Ball Super edition game, and the results are fantastic. In this edition, the players serve as the God of Destruction for Universe 2 to 11 using the eight sculpted Universe symbol tokens.

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Virtuix Omni One VR

Virtuix Omni One VR can turn your home, man cave, or gaming room into a virtual reality experience that lets you move all over! The sensational product has brought over 1$ million backers in Kickstarter. Omni One optimized for home use.

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CORONA Playing Cards

The CORONA Playing Cards is the first of its kind Taiwanese Cold Foil Printing Playing Cards. Moreover, the cards came with a limited handmade wooden case that enhances the uniqueness of the craftsmanship. However, Khanh, the card illustrator, and graphic designer

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Journal 29 Revelation - Interactive Book Game

Ever wanted something different from an adventure riddle game? Meet the Journal 29 Revelation – Interactive Book Game that takes you to a whole new level of puzzle game. The game goes like this, you have to solve riddles and puzzles, and you submit your answers online

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Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty

The collab of game publisher Wizards of the Coast and Adult Swim presents Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty for the fans. The game inspired by the comics and its co-authored series writer Jim Zub. Moreover, the game comes with 64 pages of the rulebook by Rick and

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Savage Choices - The Party Game That Ruins Lives

Savage Choices is not your average adult party game; It is a game that ruins lives - literary. Choose your crazy character from TV Shows, movies, villains, and heroes while you create your character with the cards in your hands. Every choice you made is a savage one.

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