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The Shining Board Game


Are you ready for an immersive and exciting gaming experience? Look no further than the brand-new board game set in the iconic and infamous Overlook Hotel. Based on the beloved horror movie by Stanley Kubrick, this terrifyingly thrilling game is sure to entice and engage 3-5 players.

As Caretakers of the doomed hotel, players must work together to survive the winter and protect themselves from any malevolent energies lurking in its hallways. Players battle against time as they try to identify which one of them has been corrupted by a sinister force and is now secretly working against the other Caretakers. With captivating artwork, chilling sound effects, and intense gameplay, this game offers an eventful and frightful journey into the cursed environs of The Overlook Hotel.

This engagingly eerie game transports you into an unpredictable alternate universe full of frightful surprises, mysterious secrets, and endless suspense. The story-driven narrative will keep you guessing and plotting your next moves with each turn of the game board – will you outwit the other Caretakers or succumb to a diabolical fate? Featuring incredible artwork depicting various scenes from inside The Overlook Hotel, it's sure to leave a lasting imprint on all participants through its wonderfully weird atmosphere. Engrossing gameplay with dynamic rules makes this more than just another run-of-the-mill board game; it provides an interactive experience of devious delights combined with strategic cunning.

Test your wits against otherworldly elements as you take up residence in The Overlook Hotel for this unforgettable gaming journey! Whether you're playing alone or with 3 - 5 friends, each challenging session promises adventure mixed with sinister thrills in an ominously entertaining setting. Fit for players experienced and inexperienced alike, take on the role of a Caretaker at The Overlook Hotel - if you win against all odds, then perhaps you've found yourself a long-term lodger.

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