CORONA Playing Cards

The CORONA Playing Cards is the first of its kind Taiwanese Cold Foil Printing Playing Cards. Moreover, the cards came with a limited handmade wooden case that enhances the uniqueness of the craftsmanship. However, Khanh, the card illustrator, and graphic designer

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Savage Choices - The Party Game That Ruins Lives

Savage Choices is not your average adult party game; It is a game that ruins lives - literary. Choose your crazy character from TV Shows, movies, villains, and heroes while you create your character with the cards in your hands. Every choice you made is a savage one.

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Areaware Minim Playing Cards

Areaware Minim Playing Cards is most designful minimal playing cards. Most of the playing cards have a meaningful design pattern and try to be the most unique and exquisite cards for each deck. The Minim Playing Cards tries to get rid of much as a possible design.

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Cards Against Humanity

The wild party card game, Cards Against Humanity was a Kickstarter campaign back in 2011. It was created by a group of Highland Park high school seniors for the new years eve. Cards Against Humanity is entertaining, a party must, and group game the now has a different

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