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The Last of Us: Escape the Dark Board Game
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The Last of Us: Escape the Dark Board Game


Get ready to experience the world of The Last of Us like never before. The new board game, Escape the Dark is a thrilling adventure that allows 1-5 players the chance to take on the roles of Ellie, Joel, Tess, Bill, Tommy, and Marlene as they explore an immersive open-world map.

Every new decision brings with it a unique story of survival and companionship as you attempt to make your way to safety while keeping all members alive. Gameplay for this exciting new board game includes making choices about which route to take and then resolving chapter cards at familiar locations from the video game, such as Suburbs, Sewers, and University. In order to stay alive in these dangerous areas, you must use both item cards and custom dice along with your own tactical strategies, including stealth or full-on combat. As if facing off against iconic threats like Hunters and Infected weren’t enough pressure already, each survivor in the group starts with their own unique ‘Hang-up’ or challenge they must overcome during the journey in order to unlock their full potential as a character.

Crafting options are hugely influential, too - allowing you a satisfying weapon upgrade system throughout, no matter what strategy you decide upon. Captivating, complex, courageous – Escape the Dark is an outstanding opportunity for daring gamers everywhere.

The Last of Us: Escape the Dark Board Game
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