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The White Desert antarctic is a lifetime journey
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The White Desert antarctic is a lifetime journey


The White Desert company is the adventure you have been seeking for your all life. Those among you who are the adventurous type, this is the lifetime experience for you. With both adventure and a luxurious, White Desert company will fly you on a private jet to one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Antarctica was an entry into something that was beyond my imagination. None of the trip's numerous highlights could have come true without the expertise of the team.
-Fahd Munir

Adventure is one step

One of the most exciting experiences of White Desert offers is the EMPERORS & SOUTH POLE. It's an eight days trip when you meet the Emperor Penguins and go to Geographic South Pole. They say it's the lowest point on the planet. From Cape Town, South Africa, you fly to the white desert and arriving at their camp. Shower pod, kitchen lounge, and dining room - you got covered, Each day there are activities that you can choose. To clarify, you have another three adventures to choose: ICE & MOUNTAINS, GREATEST DAY and RACE THE JET MARATHON. Ice & Mountains is four days journey to Wolf's Fang peak. You will explorer the Drygalski mountain range. The White Desert is a unique place in those mountains. Like an untold legend to seek. After the adventure of the amazing

In conclusion, This is something that you can take with you on your life's journal. Mark as 'Checked' on your to-do list notebook. Know this; Vacation or a trip or especially traveling is the one thing that you can get the full benefits from your money that you were spending. In other words, that's not even called spending any money at all. The White Desert Company does not give you a luxury adventure trip, but they give you a life experience that not so many people can afford.

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