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LiveWire electric motorcycle by Harley Davidson
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LiveWire electric motorcycle by Harley Davidson


The LiveWire Electric motorcycle can go from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds. Without releasing the clutch or shift gears. Harley Davidson creates the finest and pure electric bike for you to twist your wrist and take off on the road. With the massive name of Harley Davidson of vast and notorious motorcycles, she presents the LiveWire. The pure electric bike can cross 140 miles in city's range.

The exquisite decor and design of the LiveWire are phenomenal with black steel, argument design, and seductive orange. With the high-voltage battery, you can smoothly go up to 225 km in city range. However, if you ride with stop and ride on the highway, it can be up to 142 km in range. But the great thing about the LiveWire is that you can charge you Harley Davidson in two different ways. One is from your house outlet, that can adequately charging overnight. Therefore, the second is known 3 DC Fast Charge public station, that about 80% in 40 minutes give it or take, or approximately one house to 100%.

The LiveWire has ECC technology. ECC stands for Electronic Chassis Control. It merely gives the rides more confident on the road and works together with separated functions and less-than-ideal situations. The ECC controls and managing ABS, Cornering, Traction Control System, and Drag-Torque Slip Control System.

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Harley Davidson
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