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The breathtaking Vietnam golden bridge
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The breathtaking Vietnam golden bridge


The breathtaking Vietnam Golden Bridge became one of the most visited tourist destinations. Two large hands are holding this amazing arched bridge marvel. Made by rock and stones, with the touch of grass and moss extra as nature and wild should be. The Ba Na tourism gets more viral when the unique spot upon the cliff that observer of the Tiantai Garden. The bond between the garden and the bridge is epic. Like the two hands, people are moving between two spots, two destinations, and two nature and natural circulation. More than that, this bridge symbolizes the walk of a path every personal take in his or her life. Growing environment, within our mind and soul. But before you booked a tour next time you in Vietnam, don't forget to bring along your best camera gear. And most importantly, after you'll take your incredible shots, but the camera gear and your smartphone away. To see and enjoy this fantastic attraction and make the moments with you.

The story

Behind the golden bridge are the myths about humans and gods. However, gods have often described that they came in human forms to earth. The hands of the gods are holding the bridge (earth's gift) from nature to the world. Above all, the fog between the mountains has empowered the sense of the feeling from the deck. Like the same moment of the creation itself when your eyes hold the natural wonder is getting birth from inside. Almost every hour, day, or night, a season for the season can be as perfect for visiting. For the photographers or Instagramers and even YouTubers, it can be their great spot for them to visit. In other words, as a traveler or an adventurer, it's something that you defiantly you don't want to miss. The Vietnam golden bridge ss once in a lifetime marvel that you should go.

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