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Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat in Cuba
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Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat in Cuba


Nestled deep in the heart of Cuba is the enchanted Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat, a unique and enchanting eco-retreat crafted by the renowned Veliz Arquitecto. Perfect for intrepid climbers and nature lovers on a short trip, this stunning retreat is perched atop the rugged mountainside, making it an ideal getaway.

Each little wooden cabin is carefully constructed to rest upon a sturdy concrete platform that allows it to blend seamlessly into its natural environment. Complete with a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen – all encased within latticework windows that provide unbeatable views – every aspect of these cottages has been thoughtfully planned out as part of an immersive experience. For those who genuinely want to savor the great outdoors, there's even a cantilevered terrace that hangs precariously over the jagged cliff face.

The Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat is truly magical, offering travelers the perfect balance between comfort and adventure. It exudes tranquility with its impeccably cozy interiors, and peaceful location, yet offers visitors a thrilling journey with challenging mountain climbs and breathtaking vistas. Its placid beauty makes it an idyllic destination for soul-searching travelers wanting to escape from their hustle and bustle lives. Bold adventurers can find solace in its dizzying heights, while timid souls can revel in its calming atmosphere—it indeed provides something for everyone! Spectacular scenery aside, this romantic rendezvous spot also promises total privacy within its secluded walls.

Experience this captivating sanctuary for yourself at the Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat, where you can be transported away from reality and into your own spectacular paradise.

Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat in Cuba
Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat in Cuba
Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat
Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat in Cuba
Mountain Cocoon Cabin Retreat in Cuba
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Veliz Arquitecto
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