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Lotus Eletre SUV
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Lotus Eletre SUV


Sports car fans around the world were surprised when Lotus recently announced the launch of their highly anticipated and hotly debated Electre—a fully-electric crossover SUV. This latest foray into uncharted territory marks a significant departure from Lotus' traditional commitment to lightweight British sports cars, which have been revered for over three-quarters of a century.

High performance is still at the forefront with the Electre, however, offering 600 horsepower through all four wheels and boasting an impressive 373-mile maximum range on a single charge. On top of that, its cutting-edge LIDAR technology provides accurate self-driving capabilities.

What further sets this vehicle apart from other cars in its category is that it was custom-built just for Lotus, making no parts interchangeable with Geely Group's Volvo or Polestar models. What's more, you can get your hands on one right away as it has already been released in China, Europe, and the UK markets—a US launch is scheduled for

The Lotus Electre gives consumers something fundamentally different: a luxurious yet capable electric SUV that combines timeless styling with extraordinary power and efficiency. Whether it will live up to its lofty expectations remains to be seen, but if there's any brand that knows how to make dynamic driving experiences exhilaratingly fun yet effortlessly practical, then it's Lotus.

A unique blend of advanced tech features and iconic design aesthetics makes this electrifying crossover an exciting prospect for speed-hungry drivers everywhere –a versatile, efficient, and dynamic way to experience life behind the wheel.

Lotus Eletre SUV
Lotus Eletre SUV
Lotus Eletre SUV
Lotus Eletre SUV
Lotus Eletre SUV
Lotus Eletre SUV
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Lotus Cars
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