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Sonos Playbar


When it comes to high-quality Hi-Fi speakers, you'll probably talk about Sonos. Sonos has been on the market for quite some time and given one of the best Hi-Fi speakers n the market. What's make Sonos unique, is the ability to play and stream with several speakers around the house; Through wireless and without losing sound quality. Therefore, the Playbar sound is unbelievable for your Movies, TV shows, Games, and streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

The Playbar cover a whole sound range in the room with nine speakers that deliver power and clear sound. You have two cords, one is the power, and the other one is optical that can connect directly to your tv. It's so simple to configure that you don't need even the manual because the app guides you through all the steps.

The App

In the Sonos app, you have a few features which ease your sound/music experience. The night mode will automatically reduce the volume on higher sound, or on a lower noise will enhance on the perfect level. The app can stream over 30 music streaming services. And make the best of their sound for you to hear the maximum quality. One thing that can make your sound experience better is the Trueplay; With the size measure and shape of the room from the soundbar is located. It will fully customize the sound effect for you to hear the best there is.

Connect to your Smart Home

The smart home is a big part of Sonos; Whether you use Smartthings hub or Amazon Alexa, you can merge with it all sorts of automation and voice assistance. Get Weather notification on your Sonos, or hear the tasks for today. You have endless possibilities with all the Sonos devices, and everything talks to each other in every room you have placed your Sonos speakers.

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