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The Race of Gentlemen


Every year, the Race of Gentlemen (TROG) brings an eclectic mix of hot rod culture enthusiasts to the sandy beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey. From speed demons with leather-strapped pilot goggles and long beards, to traditionalists and fans of vintage cars and motorcycles, everyone is welcomed with open arms - no matter how they choose to express their love for American hot rod culture.

The event is celebrated in a captivating book titled ‘The Race of Gentlemen’ which features a foreword by artist Robert Williams, an introduction by Chris Nelson and commentary from the event's founder Mel Stultz – providing readers a fascinating insight into this exciting and extraordinary event.

Held annually on the beachfront, TROG provides participants with an incredible opportunity to celebrate the past – complete with all its good times, stylish vehicles, and an ever-growing network of fellow enthusiasts from around the country. It’s a joyous occasion full of thrilling races and friendly conversation that you won't want to miss.

The unique atmosphere of TROG serves as reminder that it’s still possible to honour vintage modernity while forming strong bonds with likeminded enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy reviving classic vehicles or just relishing in their extraordinary beauty, there's something special here for everyone; it is truly unparalleled in terms of nostalgia, competition and fun! The energy at TROG is infectious; a beautiful jumble of raw power roaring across sunbaked sand gradually coming together amidst a sea of wistful conversations from old friends finally reunited after months apart.

So if you're looking for an unforgettable experience full of exhilaration and soulful camaraderie then make sure to check out The Race Of Gentlemen at Wildwood Beach this year! Enjoy witnessing thrilling engine battles between vintage machines while surrounded by likeminded individuals who are passionate about cars, motorcycles and celebrating American hot rod culture -all beneath the expansive sky!

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