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The unparalleled Toyota Devolro King David
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The unparalleled Toyota Devolro King David


Is one of the most robust armor out there. B7 shield has a fabricated from CAD laser and plasma cutting tools. So this armor panels can be fitted perfectly as hand to a glove as a platform. They do not just focus on the armor; they take their main subject, and here's why. To clarify; in case of a blast from a bomb, all passengers are safe. Therefore, with armed overlaps surround all the car's doors and windows. The ballistic window hardened glass is enough to hold any these situations. Their ultra-lightweight composite armor is designed specially to Devolro vehicles. Every car exceeds the B7 levels of protection. For example, from the roof to the floor space from any side of attack to guarantee to all passengers.


Devolro is using the B6 and the B7 shield exclusively in their vehicles. They implemented the technology of protection, and to be exact; the main subject is that heavy armor protection. The floor of King David is Molded Composite Rigid Ballistic Anti-Fragmentation Materials, that can will protect from grenades, they take the arming defense seriously. Even if the Devolro got a flat tire, it can still ongoing for 50 to 100 KM before it can't. Besides the shield and armor surround this massive King David, the luxury is something that will not get overlooked.

In conclusion, if you are ahead of a Mafia, Oligarch or somebody that fear for his life; You should go for this vehicle. Maybe if you are just bored and want to take a trip to Afganistan instead of the Caribean, see or hear about this beastly bomb breakfast eating vehicle; you immediately feel safer than the best bunker out there. The team of Toyota doing a shocking work. The Devolro King David armor monster vehicle is something that will not go from our eyes for a very long time.

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