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Dubai is a city renowned for its lavish and indulgent expressions of architectural excellence, the world's largest shopping mall and the tallest building on Earth being just two examples. Now, it is set to be made home to another incredible achievement - MOON, a $5 billion lunar-inspired resort standing at an awe-inspiring 735ft. Canadian architectural company Moon World Resorts Inc. is behind this novel project which seeks to simulate the experience of visiting a fully operational resort on the moon in both grandeur and splendor that cannot be found here on Earth.

The 4,000 suites and 144 private residences available are outfitted with cutting-edge technology, such as advanced water and air purification systems alongside 'Windows to the Universe,' allowing guests the chance to explore different locations from within their very own suite. Alongside these accommodation options, there will be an expansive convention centre, spa area, restaurants, luxury shops, theatre showings and much more; all of which will unify together under one roof in an interstellar themed lounge complete with an alien spacecraft taking centre stage.

In addition to these offerings, MOON will also present guests with a fully immersive Lunar Colony accessible via a 400ft hyperspeed shuttle. Here visitors can explore by foot or use moon rovers; uncovering the thrilling beauty of intergalactic rock formations while breathing in rarefied air not found here on Earth. Construction is scheduled to commence over the next 48 months, with plans already underway for resorts all around North America, Europe and Asia certain to captivate travelers from across the globe as yet another remarkable facet of Dubai's unique cultural identity.

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Moon World Resorts Inc.
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