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Interstellar Lab Mars Village
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Interstellar Lab Mars Village


Preparing for a mission to Mars requires more than just physical and psychological readiness; it requires astronauts to be well-versed in the latest technologies that will help them survive on the Red Planet. Fortunately, Interstellar Lab is helping make this a reality with its Experimental Bio-Regenerative Station (EBIOS). This ambitious, self-sustaining village will provide an environment here on Earth that replicates the conditions found on Mars. It consists of interlocking domes that can house up to 100 people and also includes advanced water treatment and plant life growth systems carefully designed with the help of NASA.

The Paris-based lab plans to break ground at its desert site in 2021 and intends to use the facility both as a scientific research center for six months out of the year, followed by opening its doors to adventurous tourists looking for an exciting interstellar experience. By exposing visitors to living conditions similar to those on Mars, Interstellar Lab aims to offer an incredible, eye-opening journey for anyone willing to take it. In addition, this pioneering project will be carbon neutral, bringing forth staggering yet inspiring possibilities about our future relationship with space and technology.

Interstellar Lab's EBIOS is truly a groundbreaking concept featuring sophisticated and awe-inspiring designs spurring interest from scientists, researchers, and daring curious minds everywhere. Its independence from energy sources other than renewable ones makes it appealing — not only because of its unique capabilities but because of its environmentally conscious applications as well. Such an extraordinary phenomenon unveils wondrous opportunities while encouraging ambitious journeys into outer space exploration and colonization in what could be one of humanity's most remarkable endeavors ever attempted. 

Interstellar Lab Mars Village
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Interstellar Lab
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