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Vagabund BMW R9T Motorcycle
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Vagabund BMW R9T Motorcycle


The custom motorcycle scene has seen its fair share of radical transformations over the years, but none as daring or creative as Vagabund Moto's BMW R9T.

This German duo made sure to take full advantage of every piece of the bike with their sensational modifications. From the hand-formed metalwork, 3D-printed parts, and bodywork to the excellent matte grey paint created by Mercedes-Benz - called Selenite Grey Magno - this one-of-a-kind ride is sure to turn some heads.

But the innovations don't stop there. The attention to detail put into this transformation is remarkable, from the Motogadget-powered dashboard that reveals itself under a Batman-like mechanism opened by a custom remote control to the perforated leather seat and a built-in credit card wallet and Leatherman pouch stationed beneath it. It's clear that no expense was spared in giving this bike its luxurious and ambitious look.

The reaction from fans of Vagabund Moto after seeing the four-wheeler modification must have been exhilarating - but now they've returned to their roots with something even more majestic and impressive. A unique combination of stylishness, practicality and cutting-edge technology have been woven together to make an iconic two wheels design that is surely only going to garner more attention for them as time goes on.

This magnificent BMW R9T captures so much of what Vagabund Moto has become known for audacious creativity, incredible craftsmanship, and remarkable engineering prowess. In creating this daringly intricate custom motorcycle, they've proven once again why they're one of the most respected names in the business.

Making sure each detail is perfect and providing a genuinely jaw-dropping end product that features bold aesthetics and unrelenting performance capabilities. The thrill seekers out there who are looking for something truly special will find all that in abundance here, making it an incredibly attractive choice for those seeking an adventurous journey down new paths unseen before now.

From groundbreaking mechanics to eye-catching visuals - Vagabund Moto has combined all these elements together with skillful precision resulting in a simply stunning motorcycle that radiates sophistication and distinction at every angle you look at it.

If you appreciate superior style mixed with awe-inspiring performance, then the BMW R9T from Vagabund Moto will not disappoint.

Vagabund BMW R9T Motorcycle
Vagabund BMW R9T Motorcycle
Vagabund BMW R9T Motorcycle
Vagabund BMW R9T Motorcycle
Vagabund BMW R9T Motorcycle
Vagabund BMW R9T Motorcycle
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