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Vagabund custom BMW R80RT Motorcycle
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Vagabund custom BMW R80RT Motorcycle


Is defining the word movement in Motorcycle. It born to the road, to always keep moving forward, That's why Vagabund Moto has been giving themselves a mission to the reinterpretation of transportation. With aesthetics and performance, they were rethinking the boundaries of their projects. The Custom BMW R80 Motorcycle has a new rear frame with a custom-made leather seat. And like their name, they inserted cleaned and modified R80RT fuel tank. And of course, the Exhaust System has been modified with R80RT pre-silencer. This impressive Motorcycle will take you on a different road each time you start your engine.

Because of the BMW excellent quality, there was a slight change to the engine. As they say: “We took apart the engine and carbs, checked everything, and replaced the not so good parts. And then blasted and painted it.” You cannot turn your other look away from this fantastic piece bodywork they put into it. Vagabund used a 3D printing on the tail hump to digitally designed to a small area to consume all the enormous details it came with it. It's lying beneath under the tail seat with the LED rear light. The Vagabund is something else.

A bit more.

However, the perfection to details is substantial, from the Masculine black painted design to the slight touch of copper on the front wheel and the sided Vagabund logo. The Vagabund BMW is entirely legal in the streets of Austria, and for the new design to this Motorcycle, they bracket the license plate on the back that has a gadget connect to it. The R80RT is no ordinary Motorcycle, for people who thrive themselves to create this Guinness work. The mind of the masculine team will always push the limitless a little bit forward. That's the material that all men are born to create.

Vagabund custom BMW R80RT Motorcycle
Vagabund custom BMW R80RT Motorcycle
Vagabund custom BMW R80RT Motorcycle
Vagabund custom BMW R80RT Motorcycle
Vagabund custom BMW R80RT Motorcycle
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