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Sonos Sub Mini


Sonos' impressive lineup of user-friendly audio equipment has steadily grown as one of the most sought after brands in recent years, and its latest Sub Mini subwoofer is sure to take your home theater setup to the next level.

This Santa Barbara-born manufacturer has pulled out all the stops for its newest device, featuring a pair of custom-built dual woofers that work with advanced digital signal processing technology to produce rich, dynamic bass without any rattling feedback. The drivers are housed in an acoustically sealed cabinet which further reduces distortion, making it the perfect addition to any viewing or listening session. The Sub Mini is incredibly compact at just over a foot tall and 9 inches wide, yet it still packs quite a punch compared to its predecessor. The standard Sonos Sub boasts a height of 15 inches and weighs 36 pounds; while this earlier version provides superior sound quality, the smaller size of the new release makes it much more practical for tighter spaces.

Connectivity is also easy and straightforward – simply pair the Sub Mini with either Sonos Beam or Ray soundbars for an unbeatable audial/visual experience. With this amazing product, you can enjoy deep, powerful bass tones that will make any show or album come alive like never before. Be sure to get your hands on this incredible piece of cutting-edge technology - it is unique, convenient, and powerful enough to provide an unforgettable listening experience.

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Sonos / $429
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