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For over twenty years, Corey Rich has been at the forefront of adventure photography, capturing stunning and thrilling images of bold explorers and athletes. Now he has released a unique new book - "Stories Behind the Images: Lessons from a Life in Adventure Photography" which provides readers with an inside look at his work, inviting them to experience firsthand the adrenaline-packed process of capturing mesmerizing moments alongside iconic adventurers like Alex Honnold, Bear Grylls, Tommy Caldwell, and Kelly Slater.

This exciting book contains 130 captivating photos alongside insightful lessons about photography and outdoor adventures. Corey Rich also offers unique insights into human nature while providing tips for aspiring photographers in terms of business management as well as creative strategies.

Anyone inspired by breathtaking adventures will be drawn in by this captivating collection of stories from a life behind the lens. As one reads through Corey Ritch's vivid descriptions and awe-inspiring photos, it feels like you can almost hear the storyteller's voice gently guiding you through each page. His tremendous talent is evident throughout; his passion for storytelling shines through vividly. Each photo is presented with emotion, giving us an authentic glimpse into what makes Corey Rich such an incredible photographer - his curiosity, courage, ability to capture details and candid moments that help bring stories alive.

This enthralling book presents readers with endless possibilities for exploration and discovery; every time you dive back into its pages there is something new to be found. Whether you're looking for insight into the artistry behind adventure photographs or simply want to get lost in these uniquely adventurous tales, there is something here for everyone looking to ignite their wanderlust spirit. With this one-of-a-kind narrative from an experienced professional who loves pushing boundaries, readers are sure to be fascinated!

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