LG HBS-FN7 True Wireless Earphones
LG HBS-FN7 True Wireless Earphones

Builds on the predecessors FN6, the LG HBS-FN7 True Wireless Earphones has a much better soundstage, a quality that transcends, in a small, yet small and robust size. The active noise cancellation, or ANC, has three microphones that reduce and eradicate the surroundings' noise. Moreover, with the active noise cancellation, the Earphones can hold up to 5 hours of battery, and without it should hold up to 7 hours of playing time. If using the charging case can boost up to a maximum of 21 hours of battery life. Furthermore, the UV nano light feature eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria on the device.

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BUY FROM LG / $150
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