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2019 FXDR 114 is like Christmas gift
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2019 FXDR 114 is like Christmas gift

We all love Harley Davidson, so they want to give some love back. The FXDR 114 is like Christmas gift to all of us. The look, the raw of the engine, the driving experience can be yours.

Now you can customize your design, and when we talk about design, it's not just the exterior, but the part too. You can choose everything from the Genuine motor parts and the accessories they offer endless possibilities. But when you take that beat on the road, your driver soul connects with your custom made bike. Can we ask for more? Well, yes, we can.


2019 FXDR 114


Choose your genuine part, and pick up your favorite accessories. When it comes to performance at your taste here, you can play a role. Choose the seat, leather, and filters. There is no limit. You can now enjoy relaxing, Drive towards to the sunset, begin your journey with your custom made FXDR 114 that fit' your desires like a glove.

David Latz, lead product manager at Harley-Davidson, said, and we quote:

“The FXDR 114 surrounds the very capable Softail chassis with Milwaukee-Eight 114 power, premium front and rear suspension and a host of new weight-saving components and materials. This is a power cruiser that delivers exceptional ride and handling characteristics.”

When Harley-Davidson let you customize your ride, it's like she is whispering: "We can give you a dream, let's create it together.." As a masculine man, you must pick up your taste of the customizing parts, paint, and of course, finishes. We prefer Black all the way, with black matt helmet and black leather jacket, to drive to the unknown road. Stop on the side of that endless road, take off the black sunglasses, grab a beer, and enjoy that orange sunset. What about you?

FXDR114 / $21,349

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