Infinity Masculine
Infinity Masculine
PlayStation 5 Leaked Dev Kit Design
PlayStation 5 Leaked Dev Kit Design

The LetsGoDigital provides PlayStation 5 Leaked Dev Kit Design. The design looks like a gaming PC with inner ar vents and blue LED lighting. Moreover, that 'V' looking shape suppose to be as the number 5 for PS5. Also, the location of the purpose of the vents is giving fantastic airflow for all the hardware inside. Furthermore, the expected specification of the PlayStation 5 should come with SSD, Ryzen processor 8-core, and 8K game capability. The SSD should significantly increase the loading time of the games and the OS. In other words, those 3D renders look very different from any other console on the market so far. However, what is more, interesting to see the next-gen technology to handle 8K games with SSD. It is going to be mind-blowing, especially when XBOX need to have to give a fight back.

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