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Skyline New York Chess Set
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Skyline New York Chess Set


Do you love playing chess? Or do you know someone who is an avid chess fan? Either way, London-based architects Ian Flood and Chris Prosser have come up with the perfect gift idea: a one-of-a-kind game set that features miniature renditions of iconic buildings from New York City. It's not your typical board game – instead of wooden pieces, this set includes exquisitely detailed acrylic replicas of buildings like the Guggenheim and One World Trade Center. The pieces are standing in for pawns, knights, bishops, and castles on the included foldable card chessboard.

This superbly creative set makes for an excellent present for both seasoned chess players and amateurs alike. Its thoughtful design allows anyone to appreciate the beauty of these miniature architectural wonders while also enjoying a stimulating game of strategic engagement. It's a perfect combination of skillful craftsmanship, aesthetic pleasure, and intellectual challenge all in one convenient package - ideal for New Yorkers, intelligent minds who fancy themselves as something of a 'chess whiz,' or people with a penchant for high design.

Engaging your intellect has never been so easy – or so beautiful! This unique chess game set is skillfully produced by expert craftsmen in the United Kingdom and comes complete with precisely crafted figures that will make any admirer appreciate its striking, remarkable attention to detail. Whether it's being used as a decorative addition to any living space or laid out strategically around your coffee table – this distinctive offering knows no boundaries when it comes to pleasing the sophisticated knowledge seeker within us all.

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