Dune by Frank Herbert
Dune by Frank Herbert

Not every book gets the title of winning the Nebula Award, and Dune by Frank Herbert even shared the Hugo Award that takes the science fiction genre into a whole new epic grandness. In an inhospitable world, on a desert planet Arrakis, the only significant value is the "spice" melange. This drug can increase life and intensify consciousness, and its desired over the known universe, that everyone would kill for it. Paul Atreides, a boy from a noble family, his House betrayed, and the event brings them to painful destruction. Paul plunged into an unparalleled adventure that he will evolve into Muad'Dib, a mysterious man that brings fulfillment to humankind the most unattainable and ancient dream. Herbert's triumph masterpiece consider one of the bestselling science fiction novels of all time. Dune blends with mystery, politics, and incredible adventure, that you can't take a break from the start to the very end.

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