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PRFL3 Liquid Body Flask
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PRFL3 Liquid Body Flask


Many people using Flask for their daily carry for many uses, some of them is alcohol, drinks, and more. However, what makes the PRFL3 Liquid Body Flask unique is its unregular form. The PRFL3 Liquid Body Flask made of stainless steel in three colors: the Matte Black, White, and stainless steel or Silver Chrome that mentioned a little bit wolverine's Adamantium.

More inner detail

The Flask has a 6-ounce capacity that provides you the perfect carry on for any occasion. The design of the PRFL3 is very stylish and masculine, the form is unique in every order, and that's why; When each Flask manufactured is giving its unique shape because of the creation of hydroforming process. They inflated water pressure, so every slight form is very different than the other. In other words, our EDC (everyday Carry) has been a significant part of what we carry every day with us. This additional piece can be perfect for our daily carry. We need to hydrate during the whole day, so why not with stylish and designed Flask. Moreover, for those who like All-Black-All-The-Time products, it can be perfect. Soon the PRFL3 join our Black Everything collection.

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