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Apple Card is not your average credit card - it can do things
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Apple Card is not your average credit card - it can do things


Apple Card is not your average credit card – it can do things precisely for Apple's owner needs. The benefits of the Apple Card is endless when it comes to our expenses and managing our funds. The card is already in your iPhone on the Wallet app.

Just quick signup and you ready for using the Apple Pay. So among the benefits are daily cash - that means for every purchase that you made, you get cash, it that simple. Moreover, when people have a credit card, most of the time, they are not following their expenses. Now you can see when exactly you purchase even on a location map. Everything you buy or purchase gets categories and color automatically for your convenience. You can see everything in the spend summaries and know precisely what most of your spending.

Furthermore, the Daily Cash let you see how much percentage you get for your purchases. The balance from the Daily Cash you can sped right away on everything. There are no hidden fees what so ever, and no fees at all. Moreover, one of the most important things is, of course, security. Well, this is the most important thing to Apple Card. The card uses the technologies of Apple Pay — Face ID, Touch ID, and unique transaction codes. Also, the card's design is numberless. That means that there are no numbers at all, that makes the card even more secure for prying eyes. The card itself made of titanium, and the global payment network is MasterCard, so it is accessible all over the world.

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