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Estrella Superyacht
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Estrella Superyacht


The Estrella Superyacht is the latest creation from renowned designers to join the world of luxury vessels. Its innovative Y-shaped design, inspired by cantilevered architecture, is truly remarkable and hard to miss.

From afar, the three distinct hull volumes resemble a Star Wars Y-Wing, giving off an unmistakable sci-fi vibe. This inventive setup provides passengers with multiple vantage points of their surroundings as they explore the open seas. To keep things stable, fin stabilizers located on both sides of the center hull ensure that it remains balanced while in motion. The exterior of the Estrella Superyacht reflects timeless elegance. The sleek silhouette hugs its surroundings while simultaneously providing views of the horizon through its tall windows.

The grand size and luxurious interior are enough to make any guest feel right at home onboard this majestic vessel. Whether you are exploring distant coasts or spending an evening in your own private paradise, every second will be unforgettable. The yacht was built with safety and comfort in mind and includes top-of-the-line amenities such as air conditioning, multiple bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a saloon area. These features offer travelers unmatched convenience—there's no need to worry about anything other than enjoying your voyage atop this magnificent ship.

Few sights compare to sailing across calm waters on board a luxurious superyacht like the Estrella. With its awe-inspiring design and opulent interior, this prestigious vessel offers a way for adventurers to explore unknown shores in sophisticated style and unrivaled comfort. It brings together cutting-edge technology and breathtaking visuals to create captivating experiences that patrons will cherish for years to come.

Estrella Superyacht
Estrella Superyacht
Estrella Superyacht
Photos Credit: 
Yeojin Jung
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