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Bentley Residences Miami
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Bentley Residences Miami


A new luxurious residential development is being brought to the USA's beachfront by one of the most exclusive car makers on the market - Bentley. Set to be the tallest residential tower in its class, this 60-story build boasts a patented car elevator and in-unit multi-car garage, plus 200 high-end apartments that offer sweeping ocean views, private balconies, saunas, pools, and outdoor showers.

This impressive venture is a collaboration between Bentley Motors Ltd and esteemed developer Dezer Development, with architectural design under the supervision of Sieger Suarez Architects. When completed in 2026, it is sure to be an extravagant yet unique addition to Sunny Isle Beach in Miami.

The allure of living in a property associated with a prestigious luxury car brand such as Bentley will instantly draw affluent buyers from all around the globe. Not only will they benefit from having access to one of the trendiest residences available, but they also revel in alluring amenities like a state-of-the-art multi-car garage and the patent Car Elevator – two features that are expected to set this iconic construct apart from any other house on American shorelines.

From exclusive fixtures like outdoor showers and security guardhouses to breathtaking scenery, including relaxing poolside areas and private beaches, future owners at Bentley Residences can expect an extravagant indulgence that matches their lavish lifestyle. With contemporary architecture along with integrated smart home automation systems that provide comfort and convenience from lighting control systems and energy efficiency solutions, it's clear why this grandiose destination was created for an elegant target audience wanting nothing but exceptional standards.

For those looking for first-class accommodations amidst serene beauty, Bentley Residences offers an advantageous opportunity unlike anything seen before.

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