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SmartHalo 2 - It's time to Smart up your bike
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SmartHalo 2 - It's time to Smart up your bike

Cyclists want to approach the main problem every bike owner have there day; whether if you are in a crowded city or outside of it; SmartHalo primary purpose is Security and Navigation. The device can fit in any bike, and make in front of your eye contact very easy to catch. With the minimalistic interface, colored rounded touche screen can connect to the IFTTT app to integrate with hundreds of other devices and services.

The SmartHalo 2 anti-theft has a 110dB alarm, so if you leave your bike chained somewhere and someone tries to take it, the alarm sound will back him off. Besides the Navigation and Security, you can also enjoy the fitness tracker, Light mode that can brighten up to 250 lumens, and of course assistant for your smart home, weather, family and road hazard.

SmartHalo 2 is a game changer. Cyclists want your full attention for the road, but with that that you will not miss anything else that's matters. You can take everything smartly to your cycling on the way to work, or outdoors. It looks like it's going to be one of the promising smart devices that can be for bikes this year.

SmartHalo 2
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