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Revolutionize Your Outdoor Adventures with Anker's Innovative EverFrost Powered Cooler
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Revolutionize Your Outdoor Adventures with Anker's Innovative EverFrost Powered Cooler


As a charging pioneer, Anker has long been renowned for its expertise in developing cutting-edge technology. In a bold move, the brand has now channeled this knowledge to redefine the traditional cooler. Introducing the EverFrost Powered Cooler – an advanced, versatile, and highly efficient cooling solution that eliminates the need for ice or cords, making your outdoor experiences even more enjoyable.

This groundbreaking cooler boasts a robust 299Wh rechargeable battery that powers a high-efficiency cooling compressor. With the ability to cool down your food and beverages in just 30 minutes, the EverFrost provides a remarkable 42 hours of chilling performance on a full charge. For those seeking extended use, the cooler can be conveniently paired with Anker's 100W solar panel or an additional battery, ensuring that your adventures are never cut short.

One of the most impressive features of the EverFrost Powered Cooler is its ability to double as a charging hub for your electronic devices. With this dynamic gadget, you can power up your phones, laptops, and tablets while keeping your drinks refreshingly cold. Equipped with an intuitive LED display, the EverFrost allows you to monitor the cooler's interior temperature in real-time. Moreover, the accompanying app offers users the ultimate in temperature control by allowing them to select precise settings and use the cooler as a refrigerator or a freezer.

Available in three spacious sizes – 33L, 43L, or 53L – the EverFrost maximizes storage efficiency by providing twice the capacity within the same volume as other options on the market. With the convenience of ample storage and unparalleled cooling power, this innovative cooler is set to transform the way you experience the great outdoors.

Shipping is scheduled to begin in June 2023, just in time for you to fully enjoy those warm summer days. So whether you're planning a family picnic, a weekend camping trip, or a full-scale outdoor adventure, Anker's EverFrost Powered Cooler is the ultimate companion to ensure that your food and beverages remain perfectly chilled while you soak up the sun.

Embrace the future of outdoor cooling with Anker's EverFrost Powered Cooler – a versatile, efficient, and user-friendly solution that promises to revolutionize your outdoor experiences.

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