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Urban eVTOL LEO Coupe
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Urban eVTOL LEO Coupe


The future could be here sooner than you think. Urban eVTOL has unveiled its new concept of a consumer-friendly flying car, the 'LEO' – a sleek, eye-catching coupe with gullwing doors and a see-through floor.

With room for up to three passengers, this surprisingly small vehicle fits in most two-car garages and can provide essential air taxi and rescue services. The fully-shrouded Electric Jet Aircraft Propulsion System gives the LEO autonomous piloting capabilities, one-hour flight times, and speeds reaching up to an astonishing 250mph. Urban eVTOL's LEO is an incredible amalgamation of advanced technology and stylish design, creating an excitingly futuristic end product that begs to be experienced. This revolutionary vehicle stands out for its impressive performance specs as well as its intricate aesthetics – crafted by Co-Founder Carlos Salaff, who also designed Mazda's Furai – making it both captivatingly beautiful and dynamically powerful.

All these groundbreaking features make it easy to see why motoring enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its release so they can have their very own brilliant, thrilling flying car experience.

Urban eVTOL LEO Coupe
Urban eVTOL LEO Coupe
Urban eVTOL LEO Coupe
Urban eVTOL LEO Coupe
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Urban eVTOL
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