Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit
Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit lets you program like a Jedi Master. Moving your hand to code, swap character, play with sound while creating R2-D2's beeps. Moreover, during coding, you'll discover costumes, lightsabers, droids, and more. When following the book, you'll be needed to connect the board from the kit, bits, and buttons. Furthermore, learn how things work when playing with the sensors. The journey begins with the learner to master with step-by-step challenges in JavaScript. Upscale the abilities of loops, logic, and variables. And everything from swing the hand to move the lightsabers, levitate X-wings, pilot starships, and more skills. You can share, play, and create your adventures in the Kano World community. The is Coding Kit is a great way of learning with the Star Wars world, or should we say galaxy.

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