Infinity Masculine
Infinity Masculine
Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro

The new announcement from Apple about the Apple AirPods Pro holds all the pros we need in an earphone. The AirPods Pro has an Active Noise Cancelation and a Transparency mode for hearing surrounding you. Moreover, music is the only thing you'll feel, and for maximum compatibility, you can choose from three sizes of flexible silicone tips. Furthermore, the earphones continuously adapt to geometry and blocking all the unnecessary noise from the world. So now you can inhale the focus of your listening. However, with the H1 chip, it empowers 10 audio cores that produce low audio processing latency. Now, the AirPods Pro can hold more than 24 hours of battery life and compatible with QI-Charging. Up to 4.5 hours of incredibly crystal clear impeccable sound in just one charge. The earphones are also sweat-resistant and water-resistant. In other words, that makes them even more perfect for mobile users.

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