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Halfmoon Bay Cabin
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Halfmoon Bay Cabin


For those looking for a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, look no further than the exquisite Halfmoon Bay cabin. Perched on a gorgeous waterfront plot in British Columbia, this magnificent 1,450 square feet contemporary abode was designed to preserve all existing trees on the property while simultaneously providing visitors with a stunning view of its surroundings.

The single-story residence is divided into three levels, each separated by three steps that follow the natural topography of the landscape. Its large and impressive roof shields both living spaces and an outside patio from the elements while also allowing for passive solar energy to stream in during winter months. A beautiful wall of glass with sliding doors connects the living room to its covered patio, which contains snug chairs and a comforting fire bowl with magnificent water views.

For those seeking a premium spot to unwind away from city life, this elegant retreat offers all that one could wish for in terms of comfort and beauty. Upon entry, visitors will be immediately mesmerized by its open interior design and tasteful cedar cladding that adorns much of its exterior walls. In addition to plenty of space inside amongst plush furnishings, inviting warmth is available outdoors courtesy of its outdoor fire bowl – perfect for starlit nights overlooking the coastal line's placid waters.

At Halfmoon Bay cabin, guests can enjoy an array of activities such as fishing off its serene bay or simply lazing around in peaceful seclusion beneath soaring cedars in an idyllic woodland setting; perfect for anyone wanting to marvel at nature's captivating beauty or just spend quality time with friends and family far away from ubiquitous distractions and pressures of modern life.

Unforgettable moments await all who visit this majestic dwelling – giving you exactly what you need – restful repose in picturesque solitude.

Halfmoon Bay Cabin
Halfmoon Bay Cabin
Halfmoon Bay Cabin
Halfmoon Bay Cabin
Photos Credit: 
Frits de Vries
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