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Evercade VS Gaming Console
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Evercade VS Gaming Console


Last year, the Evercade console burst onto the scene as an innovative handheld device that allowed gamers to play classic video games, courtesy of licensed collections from iconic brands like Atari, Data East, and Namco. While it had an HDMI option for TV connection, it was still limited to solo play. Introducing the Evercade VS: a cutting-edge gaming solution designed with versatility and engagement in mind.

This upgraded system features four USB ports which are compatible with different controllers and enable multiplayer gaming where supported. Plus, two cartridge slots provide access to up to 40 different games in one go – all at a sharp 1080p resolution. Pre-order your own starter pack on May 28th, which comes complete with the console itself, one game cartridge, and one controller for maximum convenience.

The revolutionary Evercade VS is genuinely extreme – transforming the way that gamers can experience retro titles like never before. With its sophisticated design, high-definition output, and robust support for multiple players and controllers, this great console is sure to be a phenomenal success! Stunning visuals combined with state-of-the-art hardware ensure exciting adventures packed full of entertainment, perfect for those looking for an enthralling gaming experience that’s immersive yet accessible.

Experience thrilling battles fought across spectacular battlegrounds and join revolutionary campaigns with friends; this epic setup provides remarkable opportunities for collaborative play.

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