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Analogue Super Nt Gaming Console
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Analogue Super Nt Gaming Console


Analogue has made it possible for retro gamers and tech enthusiasts to experience classic games like never before with their exclusive final run of the Mega SG and Super NT consoles.

These inventive models provide unparalleled features, such as 1080p/60fps capability that's virtually unimaginable when compared to playing classics on an old box television. Most importantly, these consoles come at an incredibly affordable price of just $200, with controllers sold separately for only $30 each. The Duo, which is Analogue's modernized take on the TurboGrafx, was recently released alongside the Pocket – a handheld gaming system designed as an accessory for Apple's iPhone that allows users to play Nintendo-licensed original Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles.

Those looking for something more nostalgic than Nintendo's Switch Online version of these time-tested classics will find exactly what they're looking for in Analogue's lineup of innovative gaming consoles. Pre-order your own Super NT or Mega SG today from Analogue's website.

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Analogue / $200
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