Boston Dynamics Spot Robot

For those who haven't seen the fully programmable Boston Dynamics Spot Robot, it's a dog-like robot reviewed and tested by the known YouTubers like MKBHD, Adam Savage's Tested, and Unbox Therapy. The robot dog has a speed of 3 mph, and it has a 90 minutes power time pe

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Nintendo Switch AR-VR Glasses

After avoiding a long time from trends like VR or AR, now the designer James Tsai has pushed forward the Nintendo Switch AR-VR Glasses. It all starts from the Virtual Boy, back in the '90s, when Nintendo came across the pseudo-VR headset, and that's mean maybe a step

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XTND - AI Electric Board

At first look, the XTND - AI Electric Board looks like the Hoverboard from the movie Back In The Future, but it's not. The XTND is actually lightweight, thin, and easy to ride, thanks to the ground-breaking AI tech inside the board. Moreover, over time, the board learns

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Fanatec x BMW M4 GT3 Podium Steering Wheel

Gamers always want to go a step closer to reality. That's why they have VR, gaming gear, 3D, realistic sound, graphics, and of course, simulation. Fanatec x BMW M4 GT3 Podium Steering Wheel brings the real track that the genuine steering wheel designed for the 2022 BMW

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AroMini Bluetooth Essential Oil Diffuser

The sleek and minimalistic AroMini Bluetooth Essential Oil Diffuser has come to maintain your essential oils and produce quality scents with integrity and preservation. The AroMini is made of 100% recycled aluminum; it is portable and perfect for any bachelor pad

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Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD 1TB

Samsung has known for delivering high-quality SSD's for maximum performance, and their latest Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD 1TB is perfect for blazing-fast data transfer when you need it the most. The T7 has a read speed up to 1,050 MB/s and a write speed 1 000 MB/s

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Keysmart Max

Until we all going to switch our physical keys with Key tags, NFC, or our smartphones, the Keysmart Max takes our physical keys and today's tech to provide a very sophisticated product solution. The Keysmart Max has useful and smart features like locating your phone

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Wristcam Apple Watch Camera Band

It is known that for every Apple's product that the iconic brand release, another company apply with additional well-designed accessories. Like the MagSafe, countless brands have designed hundreds of products that perfectly fit the MagSafe, and for the new Apple Watch

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Belkin SoundForm Elite

The combined speaker and charger, the Belkin SoundForm Elite, offers excellent sound quality and simultaneously charging your smartphone. The SoundForm smart speaker can control your music thanks to its convenient buttons and produce stunning audio that can also control

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Grovemade MagSafe Docks & Stands

After releasing the iPhone 12, many known brands step up to design and build devices for the new Apple series charging tech. Grovemade MagSafe Docks & Stands products are offering both high-quality products and wooden aesthetic design. They took natural materials with

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