Apple HomePod Mini Speaker

Apple HomePod Mini Speaker has the power of Siri to control your smart home, stream your favorite music, and has a room-filling sound. For that 3.3-inches sized speaker, HomePod Mini can play 360-degree audio that sounds pretty awesome from every angle.

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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

The new Echo Dot 4th Gen has an entirely new design, and it is more intuitive with your smart home control and security. The Alexa voice assistant has got better, with more crisp vocals and sound with deep bass. Like before, you can control all your smart home devices

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Google Nest Audio Speaker

Maybe the new Google Nest Audio Speaker has a cushion shape to be more convenient for all the home attendants? Probably. But its main focus its on the Smart Home control, streaming music that can fill a room, and all that is just by saying: "Hey Google."

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Clearon Bluetooth Backpack Speaker

Clearon Bluetooth Backpack Speaker is a bag that you can take your tech with minus the portable speakers. When you usually go on traveling, whether its beach, camping, festivals or road trip, you take along with you some tech. Now you have your Bluetooth speaker

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Meters Cubed Bluetooth Home Micro Audio System by Ashdown

Meters Cubed Bluetooth Home Micro Audio System by Ashdown is a stylish addition to your desktop. The dynamic British bass amplification is three 90mm cubes. However, the stereo speakers have 10 watts per channel. Moreover, the one micro amplifier and the two 2.5” high

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Uncrafted Speaker Steel Limited Edition

Transparent Sound has launched its numbered limited-edition piece - the Uncrafted Speaker Steel Limited Edition. The handcrafted steel speaker by blacksmith Jonas Majors offers premium sound like never before. Moreover, the two 3-inch drivers and the 6.5-inch woofer

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