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Mictic Movement Music Creation


Music lovers and aspiring musicians alike could soon be seeing revolutionary changes in their music-making experience thanks to the innovative Mictic Movement Music Creation.

This cutting-edge concept is taking the traditional notion of playing instruments – by using one's arms and hands – to a new level, providing users with an exciting new way to create tuneage. Mictic has developed a wrist-based sensor system that allows users to literally "play" musical instruments with their own body movements. Using a companion app, these movements are translated into sounds from electric guitars, drums, cellos, and other musical instruments. For those more interested in creating soundscapes rather than specific instrument sounds, EDM and HipHop beats can be made as well.

But the possibilities don't end there. Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, Mictic's XR wearable can also act as a MIDI controller for your favorite audio apps without needing any additional hardware. Moreover, Mictic is working on motion-based games such as Kung Fu and Tennis which should add a fun twist to learning how to play instrument sounds with your body. The Mictic wearable was slated for launch sometime in August 2021 – so just hold tight until then if you want some genuinely pioneering new ways to make sweet music.

With its advanced technology and creative applications, this remarkable device is sure to provide exceptional, appealing, impressive, inventive, spectacular, extraordinary, and great experiences for music creators all over the world.

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