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Tarform electric motorcycle
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Tarform electric motorcycle


Tarform Electric Motorcycle takes modern day technology to the next level. With the composing of an artisan, they create a new riding experience. This advanced handmade manufacturing electric bike is nothing like you have never seen before. The redesign of every component, give the rider the new riding option with the best materials, finishes and of course - sound. But what they outdid themselves is the AI. Yes, you heard it right. Tarform embedded inside Artificial Intelligence that can become aware of the rider for any danger. Artificial Intelligence knows it's entire environment across the rider's field drive. And if it senses any potential danger, it will alert the driver.

A Bit More

The Tarform has 43 Horsepower, and it can go for 92 miles inside the city, with the top speed of 93 miles. This fantastic Electric bike weights between 295 and 320. Depends on what model you will choose. The Tarform is committed to the world to bring the most intuitive design. This fresh aesthetic of the electric bike's world is a game changer. We will continue to hear in the next years. They pay a lot of attention to the suspension, battery, and the PRS (Power Regulation System) for they can work correctly with the A.I. of that EBIKE. The price of the Tarform Electric bike starts from  $18,000. It is an excellent price for that unusual piece of futuristic technology.

Living in technology

In other words, we are living in a world that always drives forward to technology, and we realize that eventually, everything is going to be less with fuel, and more electric. Be smarter, and the A.I. will take place instead if we wanted or not. Tarform is ahead of their time, and we need to seize that technology. From all the past failures of electric bikes in general, they created success.

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Tarform Motorcycles
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